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    Fucking the Girls in the Mirror

    * Connie made a commercial porn film. She needed the money bad. She put on a blond wig and did what they told her to do. She had the hot body they liked. allprn With the wig, and not wearing her glasses, no one would ever know it was her. She ended up making several films but had never seen them. She saw herself for the first time years later. She liked what she saw. She liked that girl she played. The girl made her….aroused.*


    ___I had a major crush, hots or plain hornies for a guy named Garland. He did home remodeling. He had come by to remodel my kitchen. I felt really sexually attracted to him and his sexy voice, even on the phone. Something in his voice was like my daddy’s and I found myself pushing myself to attract him to me. When he put his hands on mine to take a cup of coffee I had made for him, we paused. Our eyes met and I melted and I saw a bulge form in his pants.

    I have fairly big tits, and I could lick my own nipples. I had a hot body, and jet black hair. I always wore black square framed glasses. My older husband never noticed how I looked. He worked over seas and I hardly ever saw him anymore.

    I found that if I put on my blond wig, took my glasses off, it changed my personality. I became one of the girls in the porn video I made commercially. It also made me feel sexy and I used her looks to get me turned on while I masturbated alone at home. I was masturbating the sexy girl I saw in the mirror. I gave her the name: ‘Zelda’, an erotic, sexy sounding girl name.

    I love to whisper to her and get her all hot. Then I would feel her up, finger her and then masturbate her as I watched her in the mirror. She was my girl sex lover. She would always do whatever I wanted her to do.

    I slowly realized I liked guys and girls, but only Zelda. I let go of all my girl feelings and let them go as far as I could take it. I got up real close to my fully mirrored closet doors and started feeling her body. I loved her blond hair and ran my fingers through it. She pushed her tits up to the mirror and let me suck and feel them. She was so sexy as I licked the mirror and could almost taste them.

    She liked that and I watched her get oh so very turned on. She was everything I wanted for my girl sex desires. I ask her to turn around and show me her ass. Of course she did it. I felt her smooth ass and pushed mine up against hers. I felt her wet pussy. She was my private lover and I like to turn her on. She liked to watch me masturbate on my bed. She watched every move I made and masturbated with me. If I rubbed the clit of my wide open pussy, she did too.

    She liked to lick her fingers and put them in my warm pussy. I just let her have her way with me and soon we both were huffing and puffing with excitement. We climaxed together, twisting our bodies and kissing our tits. I was hot for this girl, and she was hot for me. She would do anything I asked. Put her ass up in the air, finger herself, let me feel her tits and lick them. She let me watch her climax and moan as she fingered herself.

    I went in the kitchen in my black short robe and stood very close to Garland. I purposely left plenty of cleavage showing for him to see. I ask him in my sexist, most whispery voice if the hot water was on, we’re going to take a shower. He said yes it was back on and I could take a shower. I smiled, made a quick turn around and swung my ass as I walked away.


    ….she said ’we’?…I thought we were alone in the house. This wasn’t first time I had a lonely house wife come on to me. I guess they get lonely and need attention. I had some water pipes exposed to make changes and walked in the hallway. I heard her talking to someone. I peeked around the corner to see.

    There she was with a blond wig on and a white robe on and talking to her big mirror. “We need a shower bad, come with me and we’ll wash each other. We can’t take to long because I don’t want Garland to think I take our usual very long hot showers. Maybe we’ll get him to shower with us soon.”

    I had to muffle my giggle as I walked away. She’s talking to the mirror like it was a real person, and she hoped I would take a shower with ’them’? I thought at first, she’s crazy, get out of the house while you still can….but looking at ‘both’ of her, my cock said …hold on, you could have some fun with this. In wondered in her mind, did she want me to fuck them both? I might just like this. I wondered if she was one of those ‘dual’ personality women. I had to find out.


    I had big mirrors in my bathroom. One swung out and adjusted to see in my shower if the door was open. There was Zelda smiling at me. She was looking right at my pussy and fingering herself. I invited her in to shower with me. I watched her shower and finger herself getting all wet and soapy. She could sure make me horny doing all her feeling and fingering.

    It was time to time to get Garland interested in some sex play. Zelda agreed as she watched me take her wig off and put on my black robe. ‘Now Connie, let’s go see Garland.’ I said to myself.


    “How was your shower Connie?” he said.

    “Oh…great, we enjoyed it, plenty of hot water. Do I smell nice?” I stood close to him. I wondered if he would ask about the ‘we’ reference. I was taking a chance revealing my mirror friend to him. He might think I’m a nut case….but I had the feeling he wouldn’t. Zelda had me so horny now I wanted a man to play with. I got bold and went for it.

    “Why don’t you take a shower with ‘us’ before you leave.” He was tall and looked down and smiled at me so sexy.

    “I would love to, Connie and …what is ‘her’ name?”

    “Zelda” I whispered back.

    “Yes,… Zelda and you have me very interested.” he said.

    He was going for it. What ever little game I was playing, he wanted to play too.

    “Zelda and I are so hot for you, she’ll make you never forget the hot times we can have.” I grabbed him around the waist and shoved my pussy into him tight. “Just come in the bedroom, when your ready.”


    I said: “Why wait, let’s go now.”…… She took my hand and pulled me into her bedroom. She said: “Close your eyes.” I did and waited. I heard a new voice. Sweet and sexy say: “Ooooo Connie, you brought us a man to play with.” I opened my eyes. There was Connie/Zelda in a hot blond wig. No black glasses and in a fluffy white robe. She took me over to the big mirror.

    ‘Zelda’ stood behind me and proceeded to undress me. She watched herself in the mirror and began feeling my chest and cock. Connie spoke from behind me. “Zelda is hot for you. Do you think Zelda is sexy?”

    I said: “Oh Zelda is very sexy and has such a sexy body.”

    “You want to feel her, don’t you….well just close your eyes, turn around and she’s yours to do as you wish.”

    Connie never stopped looking at us in the mirror. She began to whisper: “…take her robe off and feel her nice tits. Kiss and lick them, she likes that. Feel her ass, and feel her pussy. Put your fingers in her pussy and stroke her inside her pussy….she like’s that.”

    She was having me play like I was having foreplay with Zelda. I was enjoying this and played along. “Lay her on the bed on her back. Lick her legs and then keep going up to her pussy, she really likes that.”

    She had a big pillow behind her head so she could watch everything in her mirror. “….you want Zelda bad, don’t you, well she wants you to have hot sex with her too. Do Zelda,…. do her now, she can’t wait, she wants you to fuck her now!…fuck her now and give her pleasure, do it!….

    She took my cock and slipped it in ‘Zelda’ as she still watched us in her mirror. Whoever she was, I was fucking her and she was a very hot fuck.

    “….tell Zelda how sexy she is….tell her how hot her pussy feels….hold her tight and fuck her and make her climax good…..ohhhhhhh Garland…your going to make Zelda cum so good….keep going…going….oh god yes…..”

    She shook and strained her body as she climaxed hard. She was one different and wild fuck to me. I felt like I had just fucked a girl named ‘Zelda’ with a girl named Connie coaching me and climaxing with her at the same time.

    It was the strangest fuck I had ever had, and I loved it. I took my shower as ‘the girls’ lay in bed sleeping in ecstasy.

    I came in the next day to continue my work. As I continued Connie came in, in her black robe. She sat drinking her coffee in the kitchen. She finally spoke: “I’m mad at Zelda.”

    “Oh?” I said.

    “I know you two were having sex in my bed yesterday. You like her better that me, don’t you Garland.” I turned and smiled at her.

    I said: “No way Connie, I just used her to get to you.” She began to grin. I took her by the hand and took her into the bedroom. I slowly pealed her black robe off, removed her glasses, then kissing her sexy body down all the way to her pussy. I lifted her up onto the bed and parted her legs. I licked her until she squirmed and moaned like a school girl. I got on top of her, slipped my cock in her.

    It was so natural as we began to blend together. It was like fucking another girl entirely. No acting, no fake blond hair, just a beautiful girl who needed some real good sex.

    She seemed real pleased that I liked her better than Zelda…. right now. Now the real fun began. I found myself fucking ‘two’ different and hot girls all in one girl. They competed for my attention and both fucked me really good to try and be the better fuck than the other one.


    This is so hot and I’m horny and getting hot cock all the time now. Garland may think I’m crazy, but I know exactly what I’m doing.

    This all started when I would walk by my mirror and stop and look at my body like all women do. I started saying to myself….’damn you look hot girl, nice tits‘. Then I started feeling my self and it was making me so aroused and horny.

    I found some porn videos of women masturbating in front of a mirror, lots of women do this I found out. Then one day I put on my blond wig. I got real horny looking at me as another woman. That’s when I released the girl sex feelings that had in me. I named her Zelda and we started an affair with each other.

    I would get so turned on when Garland came in the mornings to continue his kitchen work. I would pick ether Connie or Zelda to play with him that day. Who was the hottest? Who could get him to have hot sex with them? He loved it and so did we, us, me? He told me how hot it was fucking ‘two’ girls in one.

    Oh…there’s the door bell.

    It’s Garland. Which girl will make it to the front door first? I grabbed Zelda’s wig and white robe. She was the most horny and pulled him inside. She said: “Damn you, making me so horny waiting for you!…hold still!” She took his pants down right there. She got on her knees and took his cock out. She started giving him a blow job right in the living room. Garland just smiled and felt her blond hair. She was good and soon he was bucking as cum was splattering on her face and in her mouth.

    That afternoon…it was my turn as Connie. Connie was slower and paraded around with her black robe half way open just teasing and daring him to attack her and fuck her hard. She would rub up against him and purr like a kitten with a slight feel of his cock in his pants.

    When he’d had enough, he picked her up and took her in the bedroom. Today he held her down and pretended to force her to fuck him. Connie liked that.. She got real turned on and pretended to struggle while tongue kissing him. They fucked all afternoon as she moaned and squirmed as he licked her hot pussy, then filled her pussy with cum. He left her all spent and content on the bed


    Monday morning I knocked on the door. It opened and to my shock….Connie with beautiful long red hair stood there. She had on a pink nightie and said: “Hi….I’m Shannon and I’m house sitting. Come on in….I’ve been expecting you…..

    I’ve been working on Connie’s kitchen for a long time now. I just can’t seem to get anything done…….


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