• Fighting games were always a huge favorite of mine, whether they be versus style or beat-em-up. Many games tried to take advantage of Street Fighter II’s enormous success, and one of them which was quite successful in internet marketing was Clay Mma fighter. The similarities to it are present in this particular game, but key look of the overall…[Read more]

  • I had been studying kung fu for about the couple of years now. To be quite honest, I could never get into the belt thing. I mean that I saw how earnestly everyone strove so difficult to learn their fighting forms or better known as katas in other fighting styles. Take into consideration didn’t care which was still a white belt. I just wanted to…[Read more]

  • I realize that a majority of classically trained martial artists have a secret, internal fear of wild street fighters. A minimum of the more grounded, realistic practitioners offer.

    One day Matt suggested we start keeping track of all our battles from a log. I have always been a fan of making lists, and if was all for thought. We used a…[Read more]

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